Website trends for 2019

Now that everyone is fully getting settled into the new year, it is time to get updated with all the new trends that 2019 has brought in. With previous years providing new trends and technology styles, it can be hard to wrap your head over what is new on our screens and how to incorporate it onto your site. But we are here to help you, here are our top predictions for website trends this year:

Three-dimensional illustrations

With all the advanced technology that has been created, it is no shock that we’ve moved past the simplicity of a still image. Through time we’ve had motion pictures, videos and now the newest trend to emerge is the cross between digital and physical image, 3D illustrations. A great way to capture the attention of your audience and a nice addition to make your page more attractive, 3-dimensional illustrations might be the right choice for you.

Takeover of chatbots

Recently over the past few years, we have seen the introduction and rocketing success and arrival of chatbots. Whether you sell furniture or offer a service, with the ability to customise in order to suit your website; chatbots can benefit you greatly. This year it is expected for chatbots to be on many websites, assisting customers and answering questions out of business hours.

Serifs everywhere

Gone are the days of fancy fonts and texts headlining your websites. Like many retro trends; classic old Sans is back like never before, with popular sites like MailChimp already flaunting it. This year Serif is expected to make a comeback with its simplicity and clean readability being utilised for all text purposes from headers to long bodies of copy.

Black and white

No longer will you be filling your screen with as much colour as possible, experimenting with shades of black and white is the best new thing. Losing the focus on colour allows your page to be simple yet elegant whilst creating a clean and fresh look for the reader to see. But if you wanted to still include colour, adding a feature colour can complement your site and provide further emphasis.


If you haven’t suspected it yet from the above trends, get ready because it is all about keeping it short and simple with the help of white space! Minimalism is making its mark on our screens, already used as a go-to for clean and tidy websites, this trend is becoming a popular choice. By having less on your site and keeping it clear, your audience won’t be overwhelmed and confused about how to use your website and in turn, generate more usage.

These trends have already started to make their mark on websites globally but be prepared for it to take off over the upcoming year. Here at Rocket SEO, we recommend utilising such trends to keep your website dated and engaging. With limitless knowledge on social media and SEO services, we assist Australian’s in making the right decision for their online presence. For further information on website development and SEO across Australia, contact us on 1300 782 928!