The role of social media in SEO

In recent years, many marketers have started using social media to boost businesses’ SEO in Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are only some of the most popular networking sites that companies use nowadays – and they’re worth to SEO has long been debated.

Though these don’t directly influence your search engine ranking, social media sites can actually play a substantial role in improving your business’ online presence.

To help you understand, here are some of social media’s key contributions to the world of SEO:

Opportunities for link building

One of the most important ranking factor is link building. Having high quality links can send signals to search engines that your website is worthy of ranking higher.

Because of social media marketing’s creative nature and wide reach, there’s a greater chance that your content would be picked up by influential websites, earning your brand an authentic and authoritative inbound link.


(Source: Backlinko)


Lead customers to your website

Like websites, social media profiles rank on search engines too, therefore increasing your overall online visibility.



Nowadays, many people prefer to browse through a business’ social media profile first even before their website to get to know the brand on a more personal level.

Posting content that will lead them directly to your website can give your page a higher click-through rate, improving your SEO health.

Increase brand awareness

Though brand awareness doesn’t directly impact SEO, it still is a significant factor to making your road to page one easier.

SEO is all about boosting your brand’s online presence, so having people share your content through these social media channels can really help your cause.

Because social media marketing is a relatively new SEO strategy, we’re sure there are certain features in each platform that are yet to be discovered and proven effective.

However, there’s definitely more to social media marketing than just SEO. It can altogether promote your business, increase customer engagement and build your brand’s credibility.

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