How to know when it’s time to upgrade your website

Now that 2019 is in full swing, it is time to make sure your business is set up for the year. It is crucial to have your business updated to keep your business running to keep those customers rolling in. A vital part of your business (and one of the first point of contacts with the customer) is your website. This means you need to ensure your website is up to scratch and relevant in order to keep your customers interested and coming back for more.

So does this new year have a new website on the horizon? Here are indications that it is time to update your website.

The design

Firstly, you’ll need to look at your overall design. How does it look? Is it cluttered? Can the user easily navigate through it? Put yourself in the reader’s shoes- is your website attractive and easy to use. There is nothing worse than going on a website and being overwhelmed by the content or not knowing where to go and what to look for. Simple: it’ll drive customers away to look for a cleaner and simpler website.

A few easy ways to fix this is to scrap the design and establish a fresh layout. Make it less confusing and minimise any clutter so the viewer knows exactly what they are looking for and how they can find it. Give them a simple layout, make use of white space and use attractive graphics; this means colours, images, and text. Use a menu and offer links to minimise text and allow them to navigate when needed. Use familiar logos for features such as your social media accounts so people can see what socials you are on and how to find it.

User experience

Following on the above tip, let’s extend on the user experience. How does your website rate? With Google Test My Site, you can get a rating on your business site and what needs improvement. Customers don’t want to be stuck waiting for content to load; they expect a fast working site. So you’ll need to decipher looking at your score and using the page whether your site needs to quicken up its pace.

Can you access your site on your phone or tablet? Is it mobile compatible? These days, everyone has some sort of smartphone or tablet meaning not everyone is viewing your site on a computer screen. Your website should be adaptable to all devices in order to allow the user to gain more out of their experience.

How is the content?

Out with the old and in with the new! How is your content? Make sure to maintain any old content that is no longer relevant and adding content that is relevant. There is no use having a prime part of your homepage advertising an event that happened weeks- or in some cases- months ago. Of course, blogs are meant to be archived but even going through and updating any links referenced that may have been changed over time could benefit you also. Nothing worse than landing on a page that no longer exists!

So in order to look organised and sound like you know what you are doing if you have any calendars or event tabs; make sure they are frequently updated and there aren’t any promotions for an event that has already happened sitting on your homepage.

If you find these tips apply to your site, feel free to contact us at Rocket SEO as keeping your website relevant and up-to-date is important to us. We can consult and help create a plan to upgrade your website using our SEO services and tools to identify what needs changing and the best way to do it. If you’d like to find out how we can upgrade your website, give us a call on 1300 782 928 to speak to an SEO consultant today.