Finding new customers with your website

With everyone online, your business’ website is more than likely, your first point of contact with the customer. This means your website needs to be captivating and enticing to the customer whilst capable of finding new customers. Does my website do this? Well no need to worry, we’ve found ways to help find customers through your website.

Social media pages

Social media is an essential tool for finding customers. Does your website link and feature your social media? If not, that is something you might want to get on very quickly as this is how a lot of people can find your business. By being on social media, you can make your website a landing page and consequently generate interest. Therefore, having your website linked to your social accounts is an important necessity to obtain new customers. Another key factor of social media is that you can publish that refer and promote your website.

Pay per click (PPC)

Usually, a job done by paid professionals such as Rocket SEO, search engine marketing can improve the ranking of your website and in hand, drive more customers to your website. A model of paid search engine marketing is PPC, or also, pay per click. This means you are paying with each click you get to your website but is an effective way to gain customers using your website. By utilising PPC you can have your website advertised to gain customers.

SEO & keywords

A more organic way to have your website exposed in search engine results is to focus on the keywords used in your website. Another service Rocket SEO provides, SEO puts your website at a higher place, allowing it to obtain more customers through top position. Using relevant keywords that are relevant to your business and clients will increase your chances of visibility.


Working with SEO, blogging is a strong method to improve your positioning on search results. By incorporating keywords in your posts, it’ll develop and boost your websites rank. Furthermore, once your blog appears in search results, your blog itself can grab the attention of future customers. So, make sure to publish engaging blogs to catch the attention of potential clients.

Be more relatable

Finally, one of the simplest ways to find new customers is to make it more relatable. This means not overwhelming the reader with technical jargon only a professional will understand. Most of the time, the customers won’t understand the ins and outs of your products, hence why they are looking it up. By simply explaining and not getting too caught up in the technical, your website will be attractive, relatable and easy for the customer to understand.

If you are interested in incorporating these tips into your website, don’t be afraid to hire a professional SEO consultant to ensure these methods are done to a high extent. An established SEO company in Australia, here at Rocket SEO we help our clients improve their websites in search marketing. Feel free to contact us by giving us a call on 1300 782 928.