3 simple ways to prevent spam from your website

Everybody will experience some form of spam in their lives. Whether it be unwanted emails from an unknown contact or annoying posts on your website. For website owners, spam can be a tricky thing to avoid and annoying to deal with. Luckily there is software available to combat spam and stop it from overloading your website. Below are three simple ways to prevent spam from going on your website.

Secure your site

One of the first prevention methods that come to mind is securing your website. Monitoring the security of your website is highly important especially if there is confidential information on your page. To minimise the chances of being hacked, simply double checking the level of security your server offers and the patches your website uses is crucial. More ways to avoid low security is to check and strengthen passwords, avoid downloading malicious files and keeping your computer software updated. Avoiding letting your users upload their own files is also advised as simply changing their account display picture can carry malicious content.

Another way to double check your security is of high quality is to install website security tools. Like plugins, there are a variety of programs to install that range from software that helps secure it to programs that monitor and test your website’s security. Securing your site is an overall safe way to protect not only your website but also your computer.


A very popular form of a plugin, CAPTCHA is a great feature to have on your website when deflecting spammers. The software in which double checks the credential of your users by giving them questions a robot can’t answer such as deciphering the numbers and letter, ensures that the users aren’t spam-bots. Even though it won’t prevent human spammers, it is narrowing down the access of spam-bots and helping you reduce the spam on your website. This is a great method for forums and websites where customers make purchases online.


Similar to CAPTCHA, there are plenty of other anti-spam plugins that are available to be used on your website to stop spammers. It is advised to look into the different range of plugins to see which one would be best for your website and which you would benefit best from. This would be one of the easiest ways to fight spam as it regulates and checks your website for spam and if found they block the user and comments. Compared to CAPTCHA, this method of defense isn’t visible so it would be the most secure form as it can pick up underlying scam-bots and scammers who aren’t aware.

To defend your website from spam and potential hackers, these are valuable methods to invest and utilise in order to protect your website. For further website enquiries and SEO services, Rocket SEO is an established SEO company in Australia that loves to help clients with their website needs. Give us a call today on 1300 782 928 to discuss any questions about your website!