3 off-page SEO techniques that matter

The success of your SEO strategy isn’t merely determined by how well-optimised your web content is, how well-placed your internal links are and how smooth your website’s user experience is. Google also looks at how much impact your site is making on other pages across the world wide web. This is where off-page SEO comes into play.

Having a high ranking on Google is partly a popularity contest. If you’re interested in search engine optimisation in Sydney, you must keep tabs on the external pages that link to your website in order to stay afloat in a sea of competition.

We at Rocket SEO won’t only work to improve the on-page ranking factors of your website—we’ll also direct our efforts towards improving your site’s credibility and ability to rank by creating high-quality links outside the parameters of your site. Here are some off-page SEO techniques that certainly help.

Guest blogging

It’s fulfilling to have an article of yours published on a popular blog site since you know a lot of people will get to read and engage with it. But what’s more rewarding is if you make this article link back to your website.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective link building techniques business owners can employ to build their reputation not only in the eyes of search engines but also in the eyes of their readers.

To get started, look for an authoritative site that features guest posts that are relevant to your industry. Study the people that usually interact with the posted articles and assess if your write-ups will sit well with that type of audience. If you find it to be a great place for your articles, write away and get your message across.

Social sharing

It’s still a debate whether search engine rankings and social media “likes” and “shares” are connected or not. However, you’d be silly to look past the benefits your business can reap from social media marketing.

Doing well on social media platforms gives your brand a whole new level of exposure. If you think about it, having a strong social media presence means that you constantly get a lot of people engaging with your posts.

Look at this as an opportunity—share your website on your well-established social media profile in order to skyrocket your website traffic.


YouTube gets many millions of visitors a day. Over the years, SEO professionals in the Sydney and in other vibrant business districts have learnt to use YouTube videos to increase the traffic of websites.

Videos from all-powerful video sharing sites like YouTube are easily seen on search results. This makes these platforms a great vehicle for giving both your brand’s name and website URL more exposure.

Uploading compelling, high-quality videos with optimised video descriptions, titles and links will go a long way.

If you’re looking for professionals who can take care of both the on-page and off-page aspects of your website’s SEO, look no further than Rocket SEO. Our expertise in search engine optimisation will allow your business to generate more local leads and get more sales. Call us on 1300 782 928 to get started!